Repair Shop Certified parts should be used in collisional damage repairs due to be needed of service quality and customer satisfaction. Repair shops should be used appropriate equipment and workmanship with acceptable repair methods.
Parts DistributorParts distributors supply certified parts which have high tests and controls for use of auto insurance companies. So, they are very important supplier for insurance sector.
Parts ManufacturerYour Parts and facilities are certified by independent cert bodies due to be open for tests and controls according to norms. And, certified parts provide essential benefits. So, you are a facility that effects quality of damage repair parts on positive way.
Vehicle OwnerAs a vehicle owner, cares vehicle safety using certified parts that control in damage repairs and creates appropriate environment for safe driving.
InsurerAs an Insurer, uses certified parts in damage repairs and works in repair shops that certify service quality and customer satisfaction according to standards for road safety.
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