OSEM is an Incorporated company founded by Turkish Insurance Association like Capa, Thatcham, CZ similar institutions. It’s also under controled by Treasury Undersecretariat, aims the management and control of vehicle material damage within auto insurances on behalf of insurance companies. In addition aims to attract up safety and quality standards for insurers, tries to control claims costs and provide an environment fair competition.


OSEM has two main goals,

1. to certify equivalent replacement parts and to track/verify the parts in the supply system of auto insurance companies.

2. to certify auto maintenance and repair centers by Osem standard.




Also, The claims management software developed by OSEM with the identification of industrial needs and the “automobile damage repair standards” set for spare part and repair service providers not only become a point of reference for the insurance industry but also serve as an objective bridge between the industry and automobile sector.


OSEM supports new manufacturers and offer a different vision for their future thanks to “quality certification for parts equivalent to the original” and “certification standard for original parts” within the frame of the applicable legislation.  With its “accredited product certification standard”, it raises the awareness of domestic and foreginer manufacturers of the insurance industry and makes them more competitive at foreign markets thanks to the OSEM certificate.


On the other hand, it prevents the use of noncompliant spare parts in supply processes and prohibits unfair competition by means of making supply processes traceable through the “part tracking system”.


Attachment of the parts by skilled hands is of course as important as safe supply of these verified quality parts in terms of the repair of automobile damages.


OSEM provides all kinds of opportunities for the development of automobile maintenance and repair centres by setting such standards that will identify and ensure the sustainability of these competencies. It classifies Maintenance and Repair Centres as they deserve in their current situations and trains repair technicians in accordance with the right repair methods at manufacturer standards.


Furthermore, it provides similar trainings to claims specialists of insurance companies and prepares a substructure to establish a common language for all stakeholders in the repair process. The technological phase of this substructure can also be achieved with the claims management software developed by the infrastructure of OSEM.


OSEM offers a useful and technological alternative for the management of automobile damage repair process thanks to this software and paves the way for optimum costs per claims file. It provides a competitive environment as an alternative software. 


While OSEM is providing a coordinated substructure with the use of all these products, it supports companies which utilize all products to ensure that they will achieve maximum efficiency at minimum costs.


It closely follows Research and Development activities and technological improvements as the point of reference of the industry. It brings the industrial fund of knowledge abroad to our country by way of cooperating with similar institutions to OSEM in international relations. It develops products and services for public benefit.


OSEM certification program is accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) in scope of 17605 Product Certification.


In addition,


OSEM equivalent parts certification standard in Republic of Turkey is compatible with "Turkish Competitor Authority No. 2017/3  block exemption" and  No. 2015/2   circular of equivalent certified parts of  “Ministry of Finance and Treasury”.


Hence, within the scope of this information in order to be applied, we would like to offer you the OSEM equivalent parts certification program. Please ask for detail information email to ekrem.cankirli@osamas.com.tr  or directly fill attached application form and after printing and signing send to email address.


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